Friday, January 28, 2011

Photo of the Week (POW) - January 26, 2011

Aileen and her 1999 Yamaha V-Star 1100 Custom.
Nikon D80 with 18-200mm VR. 2x SB-800 flashes
to camera left and camera right.

Say hello to Aileen and her 1999 Yamaha V-Star Custom. This photo was taken at the 6th annual WROAR (Women Ride Out Against Rape) Ride on June 13, 2010. WROAR raises money for the Toronto Rape Crisis Centre/Multicultural Women Against Rape. Aileen was not only a participant but a volunteer. She wasn't able to commit as much time as she wanted but was able to help out at the WROAR booth during the off-season motorcycle shows to help promote the event and cause. She also assisted during the event with signage and parking logistics.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

An Accidental Wedding Photographer

Wedding photo with the groom's family at Union
Station, Toronto. That's Kate in the front with the
camera. Nikon D80 with 18-200mm VR.

Last Saturday I headed downtown with my friend SuprPHREAK (but we call him Matt) and other friend Kate from (the other shooter I asked to help out) to meet Mel et al. at Union Station in downtown Toronto. While the wedding shoot didn't go 100% smooth (security told me I couldn't use my light stands), I still had a fun time hanging out with Mel, Shawn, the wedding party, the families etc. and ended up with enough good shots.
Shawn, Mel and Mackenzie.
Nikon D80 with 18-200mm VR. Umbrella camera left and
bare flash behind the subject camera right for rim light.

Mackenzie the Monkey.
Nikon D80 with 18-200mm VR. Umbrella camera left and
bare flash behind the subject camera right for rim light.

I didn't originally plan on attending the ceremony, but since my ride was going, I thought that was a better option than taking the bus home. I don't normally cry at weddings and while this was no exception, the exchanging of the vows was particularly touching and I found a frog in my throat.

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

So I Said I'd Never Shoot A Wedding

I don't want to shoot weddings because I don't want to deal with Bridezilla or the potentially scarier Mother of Bridezilla. *Cue scarey music from Psycho* Weddings can bring the best and the worst out in people. A lot of time and money is spent to make everything just right. Because you only get one shot at the day, it can cause people a lot of stress. And stress has a way of bubbling up insecurities sometimes combined with a shrill and loud tone.

I do love the concept of weddings though -- a celebration of the union and lifelong commitment of two people. I liked it so much, I had one! Just one, and I'm still married to Margot ... 14 ... 11 ... a number of years later.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Photo of the Week (POW) - January 19, 2011

I thought I would start this with explaining the photo I use in my profile. This was taken on June 12, 2009 of my new to me at the time 2003 Kawasaki ZX-9R aka Ninja 900. It was starting to get dark and the sunset was behind me. I'm not sure if the light on the skyline is from the low sun, or from smog. Also, I was wearing my tiger ears because I lent my green mohawk to Darlene for the Mad Bastard Scooter Rally

Nikon D80 with 18-200mm VR. No photoshopping, just 1 SB-800 to camera right.