Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Photo of the Week (POW) - Krissy and Anton

Margot and I were spending a few days winter camping at our trailer, “More Grace” at MacGregor Point Provincial Park between Christmas and New Years. One of our favourite places to walk is Sunset Point, a small west facing peninsula about 500m long that tapers to a rocky point on Lake Huron. Apparently the sunsets are beautiful there but it's always been grey and overcast when we've been there.  If you stand just right, you can only see the waters of Lake Huron which is why they call the great lakes the Inland Seas. 

Last Wednesday we were making our way to Sunset Point with our poodle Sadie as is our daily routine.  As we were just starting up the peninsula, we were greeted by a lovely smiling young couple who were just heading back themselves from the point.  She asked if I could take their photo because he had just proposed to her! He proceeded to hand me a disposable camera. I have to give the guy kudos for being prepared with at least the bare minimum but I couldn't let this special moment be recorded by just a plastic lens.  So after clicking their disposable camera, I offered to take their photo with my digital SLR. 
Anton and Krissy, freshly engaged!
Nikon D7000 with 18-200mm VR1 with SB-800 above and to camera left
(click photo for larger image)
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I took a quick test shot to get my settings (see 2nd photo below) before I whipped out my trusty SB-800 flash. To add drama to the background, I dialed down the aperture about 1 stop and set the flash on Remote mode and my camera commander mode to TTL to light up the couple. Margot held the flash above and to camera left pointing at their faces. The first shot overexposed the faces so I set the exposure compensation further down to -1 EV in the flash. I liked this exposure so I fired off a few more photos: one standing closer to them with a wide angle (18mm) and then a few more several steps back and zoomed in to 120mm to blur the background (see first photo above). An added bonus of the longer focal length is the snowflakes looked bigger too! We finished the photoshoot in around 3 minutes.

They say luck favours the prepared  and success always comes when preparation meets opportunity. A little experience combined with being at the right place at the right time with the right gear can make even the most mundane tasks like walking the dog into wonderful photographic opportunities as well as a chance to bless others. 

A chance meetup with Anton and Krissy at MacGregor Point Provincial Park.
Nikon D7000 with 18-200mm VR1. (click photo for larger image)

I think she said yes :) Congrats Krissy and Anton!

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